Halloween time in Yonder

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles. Such a relaxing game to play. A little while ago, I ran into a surprise!

I was on my tailoring mastery questline, running around, gathering much needed items. When running back into the tailoring town, I suddenly ran into a cutscene!

It turns out, we were in the fall season and it was time for Halloween!


So the game dressed me up all nice and scary-like, and off I went to explore in near darkness and eeriness. Little did I know, there was actual trick or treating involved.

Well, treating atleast!


I got to go by all of the houses in this cute little town, dressed up all Halloweeny, and I got to gather lots of candy.


Most people were at home, although some doors stayed closed. There were also a few lanterns just hanging around with candy attached to them.


Even the townspeople dressed up!


Although I don’t think all of the creatures outside were pretending… “What’s a costume?”

After gathering as much candy as I could find, I visited the creepy Halloween trader.


He sold a great variety of special items. Many of these were clothes and accessories. He also sold a couple of decorations to put on my farm, but alas, I was low on candy by the time I got to those. I’ll have to come back for Halloween next fall to get them! Luckily, years in Yonder don’t last as long as out here in the real world!


I ended up buying myself a nice little Halloween outfit, with pants, dress, backpack and glasses.

Can’t wait to go trick or treating again next fall!

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