Ik-3Hi there! Welcome to my gamer foodblog. Here, you will find tasty and (mostly) healthy recipes and ideas, as well as my adventures in life and in the various games I play.
I enjoy experimenting with food and because of this, I have many tasty recipes to share.

Alright, something about myself. First of all, my name is Marian. I live in Holland and I’m 29 years young. I work in IT and in my spare time I love to play games. I mostly play MMO’s and love the fantasy genre. Besides gaming, I like the regular things like walking, reading a book and listening to (rock) music. I also love photography.

A while ago I started looking for other ways to relax, besides.. well.. screentime. That’s when I discovered cooking and baking.
I wasn’t much of a cook and always went for the easy recipes and cooking in bulk, so I could add a couple of dinners to the freezer. However, lately I found cooking to be rather stress-relieving. I found out I enjoy experimenting with food and adding to recipes, making them my own. I enjoy finding healtier ways to cook and always try to switch out ingredients for a healthier substitute.
I’m not an expert, far from it, cooking/baking is just a good way to spend my time and relieve some stress.

You will find recipes and food ideas on this site, as well as tales about my (gaming) adventures. I hope you enjoy your stay. Don’t be afraid to respond to my recipes or ramblings and let me know what you think!

P.S. The images I use on this blog are my own photographs (this includes my overall header). Please don’t copy them or use them anywhere else without my permission. If you like one and want to use it, you’re always free to ask. I’d appreciate it, thanks!
If you want one of my nature pictures up on your wall, just head over to my deviantart page (or for Dutchies, the other link), where they are for sale.