Aven Colony – First few steps and some trouble


I’ve been wanting to try Aven Colony for a while now. It’s a city builder, colony sim and it looks pretty cool!

A little while ago, it was free on Epic Games, so I snatched it up and have now decided to take the time to dive into this game. The setting seems a bit more ehm… colorful than what I saw in Surviving Mars, so I hope this will be more interesting for me. Graphics are very important to me!

I’m having a hard time getting into new games and usually try them once and then never open them up again. Not because they’re bad, but mostly because my energy is still low and it’s easier to just go back to the games I know really well. I wonder how things will go with this one.


Settings seem okay right from the start. You can adjust keybinds, but I don’t see the need for that yet.

Just starting with the first option, Campaign, seems like the right thing to do. I can start off with two training missions, which might be a good idea!


Aah, this is a nice and easy start. And doesn’t it look like a pretty colony already? I haven’t even done one thing yet. Hooray for a training campaign!

Right, moving around works in the normal ways. Luckily, I can also change camera angle through the right mouse button. Q and E help me turn aswell and I can double-click on a building/spot to easily center the camera there.


Ehm… and this is where I notice my pc making lots and lots of noise…

That can’t be good!

Sunday, hubby decided to play Neverwinter Nights again for nostalgic reasons. When he did so, his pc started to make a weird noise aswell. He checked and it turned out the game used over 80% of his GPU. Turns out, some old games just try to go for the highest FPS possible and the solution to this problem is to cap that (if possible).

So! I just checked my own GPU usage and it seems that Aven Colony has that same problem. 100%! Bah! There is no ingame option to cap FPS though, so for today, that means the end of Aven Colony for me. However short it was…

Hubby fixed his problem with some third party tool to cap FPS, so I’ll have to ask him about that once he gets back from work. Easiest sollution for me is to just use that same tool. He already knows how it works!

Maybe I’ll get to give this game another go later on.

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