Foodie’s first adventure in Supraland

Playfulfoodie gaming Supraland

My first adventure in Supraland! Also, to no fault of its own, probably my last.

A while ago, I bought Supraland in the Pizza store. It looked like a cute and colorful exploration and adventure game and I was looking forward to trying it. I finally got around to doing so!

Playfulfoodie gaming Supraland

In Supraland, you’re a small, 3D stick figure (or atleast as far as I know, as it’s first-person). You explore your world which was, I think, created by a big kid. Like, you’re literally just running around in his sandbox. There’s quests, puzzles and upgrades to get. And it’s cute and quirky!

Playfulfoodie gaming Supraland

So you wake up, walk out of your little home and immediately run into a town-wide problem. The well isn’t working! So while everyone just stands around, contributing nothing to solve this problem, you have to jump into the well to find out what the problem is.

Playfulfoodie gaming Supraland

Jumping down, you find another dude who gives you a sword to help you along. That’s nice! He’s actually contributing. A little.

You cut down some planks along the way and then run into these guys:

Playfulfoodie gaming Supraland

Thanks for the sword, beard guy!

You chop them down, crouch under some planks, continue along your path, clear out some fire (as you do) and then…

Playfulfoodie gaming Supraland
Playfulfoodie gaming Supraland

It’s the blues! Oh my gosh, those blues. So, apparently they don’t want us reds to have any water. Well we can’t let that stand, now can we?

So off you go, towards the village of the blues!

…Until you get distracted by the shop.

Playfulfoodie gaming Supraland

Throughout the game, you collect coins and you can spend them here for upgrades. Weapon, health, more coin holding, speed, etc.

I eventually bought the speed upgrade and it actually gave me x2 running speed. Like, noticably! That’s pretty neat.

Playfulfoodie gaming Supraland
Ain’t that the truth…

Alright, still in town, there’s plenty of puzzles to find, although you can’t do all of them right away. Like this one:

Playfulfoodie gaming Supraland

You push the button, which opens the door to a home with a chest in it, but it counts down from three and then the door closes again. Can’t get there fast enough until the x2 speed upgrade.

No worries! We’ll get back to that later. Time to leave town and head over to the blues!

Playfulfoodie gaming Supraland

This crown dude is showing me the way. We find some more enemies along the way, but this guy just keeps on running. So fine, I’ll smack them with my sword.

Playfulfoodie gaming Supraland


Playfulfoodie gaming Supraland

Beard guy is starting to doubt my abilities…

No problem, we’ll just head out again!

Playfulfoodie gaming Supraland

Gotta open that door, so we’ll just follow the wire and flip the switch.

Playfulfoodie gaming Supraland

A little while later, we find yet another door that needs to be opened, but I apparently need some other weapon for that puzzle. Guess we’ll have to go back!

It’s at this point that I’m forced to stop playing. I enjoy the game! It’s quirky, cheerful and kinda relaxing. It’s just… first-person.

It turns out, I don’t do well with first-person. I get a little queasy and dizzy. Which sucks! But it is what it is. So even though I did enjoy my little adventure in Supraland, I’m afraid that for now, this will have to be my one and only time there.

I Hope you enjoyed it though!

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