Tis the season to be gaming

So many games with so many holiday events!


My gaming capabilities are not endless, so I have to spend my time well. I was just getting back into Guild Wars 2’s World vs World mode and had just started playing Gods Unchained, when the holiday season hit.

Guild Wars 2, ofcourse, has Wintersday. I had to play a little of that yesterday and will probably play much more of it. It’s nostalgia. It’s been there for years. It’s the least frustrating holiday jumping puzzle I know (I can actually complete this one!) and some other very do-able content that’s quite fun.


There’s the simply walking alongside a dolyak, kicking some skritts who try to steal its presents, only to then, ourselves, grab some of its dropped presents.
Then there’s the snowmen’s lair with Freezie to defeat, which I had never done before. I decided to get that over with while the event was still new and hot, because it’s group content.
Then, there’s the bell choir where you have to ring some bells with your 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9 keys. Super frustrating during the harder songs. Then there’s the jumping puzzle, where you hop from one disintegrating snowflake to the other, only to at the end try and not get rolled over by a huge snowball. Then there’s Toypocalypse, Tixx to be defeated, snowball PvP fights and the list goes on. I have lots to do!

Lots of fun and games!


Turns out, New World has a winter themed holiday event aswell and it started yesterday. I haven’t checked it out yet, because I haven’t logged onto New World for a couple of weeks. But now with this winter event and some changes that makes gathering at max level seem more worthwhile… I might just have to check that out aswell.

But, then there’s also Gods Unchained, which I quite like to do! I’ve only just started playing that game and while there is no holiday event, I kinda want to keep on playing it. I’ve been doing pretty well so far. Sure, It’s only been a few days and I’m at the Twilight Shadow rank, which is probably not very high for long-time players, but hey, my wins outnumber my losses, so there’s that!


So much to do, so little energy to do it with. And then I also want to keep on sharing blogs regularly. That’s writing about games, instead of playing them!

I can understand why people get so stressed out over the holidays!

Or is that about other stuff?

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