Was that a bit of inspiration flying by?

Playfulfoodie grunge art

Could it be?

My gosh, guys and gals, I can’t remember the last time inspiration for my designs hit. With the burnout stuff I’ve been going through, most of the times, I was happy enough to get even some of the household chores done. There was no room left for creativity.

But now, these last few days, I’ve been designing! Maybe not my best work, but atleast inspiration has come by more than once and I’ve managed to mess around a little. How cool is that?

I did a very random, abstract, grungy thing and then moved onto some easy text designs. Today, I hopped back onto that grungy train and made this:

Playfulfoodie grunge art

A very subtle grunge design with just a tiny bit of color as a nice, calming piece of wall art.

Playfulfoodie grunge art

Ofcourse, I have also activated it on other products that work well with this design, so phone covers aplenty!

Playfulfoodie grunge art

It works as a less-boring white-ish pillow or comforter aswell.

Playfulfoodie grunge art

I really wasn’t sure where I was going with this design at first. It started out with bright red, yellow and blue stripes. Put a nice grungy texture on it and then just played around until I was satisfied. The finished product is a long way from where it started, but I’m happy!

I haven’t thought about designing much for almost a year, so I’m really glad I’m finding some inspiration again. So glad, in fact, that I just had to share it with you. I know it’s just the one design I’m showing and it seems simple enough, but hey, it’s the idea behind it that counts.

Let’s hope the inspiration keeps on coming!

P.S.: This is the link to the design in shop.

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