Fashion friday – Gamers edition


Time for some good old, ordinary self promotion. Gamers edition!

Okay, so you might already know I make designs to sell on a big variety of products, mainly through my accounts at Redbubble and Vida. You might also already know I’m a gamer! So I sometimes combine the two and create some gamer designs to put up for sale.

I figured, why not share some of those with my fellow gamers here? I would love to get some input. So that’s what I’m doing now!

Most of the designs I’m going to share are for sale on a great variety of products. I have already made a selection of all of my gamer designs on clothing and on the left side of that page, you can filter them by whichever product you want to see, or remove the filter to see things like phone covers, or home decoration. The images shown are just one example of many other products.

Okay, here are some of my designs:


Enough image spamming!

As mentioned, all of these designs are available on male- and female clothing. Most are available on sweaters, tanktops and dresses aswell. And ofcourse they are available in many other categories, such as phone covers, pillows, blankets, coasters, stickers, bags, etc..

I manage to sell something now and then, with these three being the most popular:


I like the ‘Her tank’ design, but am not very happy with ‘His healer’. I think that one mostly sells as part of the set. I should probably switch them around aswell (His tank, her healer), but I’d have to improve on the healer design first. Maybe find a nice dps design aswell (although lately, it seems people are starting to use ‘dd’, instead of ‘dps’… ugh, I’m too old for such a change!).

I love playing around with designs like these and will probably create more in the future. Just waiting for inspiration to hit.

So what do you think of the designs? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Check out my Gamer products!

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