Foodie’s housing post

I’m viewing my future dream house today, so what a good excuse to show my new ingame house!

Foodie takes gaming outside

Yesterday, I told you a little bit about me joining the resistance. Today, I can tell you more about that!

Foodie joins the resistance

The time has come to join the resistance. The time has come to paint the town blue. The time has come… to play Ingress.

Our new sheep pen

More about our activities in the Highlands of the Ragnarok map in Ark: Survival Evolved!

Horses and unicorns

Let me tell you about the new friends we’ve found since we made the move to the highlands on Ark’s Ragnarok map.

Finding a new home in Ark

We’ve done it again! We’re back in Ark: Survival Evolved to do some exploring of the Ragnarok map.