Elder Scrolls Online – What an awesome house

Elder Scrolls Online ESO Playfulfoodie

It is not currently available for sale and I probably do not nearly have enough gold for this particular house, but boy do I want it!

I’m back playing ESO again. Pre-purchased the next expansion, got the version that gave me all previous expansions (I was behind a few), got a month sub to ESO plus, very much tried to ignore the hurt of all the costs, and I can now play a necromancer.


I’ve been slowly leveling my new necro, but trying to put more thought into enjoying the content, instead of a ‘race to the finish’, like I did with my nightblade. I wanted my nightblade for some good old-fashioned stealing and needed her leveled up, but that’s not necessary with the necro.


During my travels, I will sometimes check out the various houses you can get in this game. They come in many styles and sizes and while most are houses, some are more… special, like a cave, or a grove.


I came across this house and it is one of the larger ones. I’ve seen the costs of larger ESO houses… I don’t think I’ll be able to save up enough to even buy this one any time soon, but hey, a girl can dream. It’s not currently for sale anyway, so I have some time to save up, right?


The front of the house is awesome, with a few nice fountains. Forests on one side and big views on the other.


It’s very pretty with all of the water used!


There’s the main house, but then there are outside corridors and even more water, leading towards the back, which holds a tower.


I have one, big house, but it’s very… white. This one seems much more homey! My main house is just a small one, but it is in a more homey style, so I prefer it over my current big one. I would definitely move though, if I could get THIS big house!


We’ll just have to wait and see if it ever comes back on sale again. I’d best start saving up…

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