Atlas – the great move part 2


Previously, I told you about wanting to move to a new island, because someone on our old one unknowingly became my enemy. We packed up our things, left in hubby’s awesome new ship and sailed until we found this island:


And that’s where I left things. Time to continue!

First thing I did when hopping off the boat was to check the shoreline a little. As suspected, almost every spot was already claimed by someone else, so we wouldn’t be able to build a proper harbor for ourselves. Fine for me, less fine for hubby, but he’s more about the sailing and exploring anyway.


So I started exploring the inland of the island and found it was quite pretty, although a little frustrating to get around with all of the height differences.


I found lots of pretty places, but sadly they were mostly already claimed by others, so I wasn’t able to build there.


Then, I found a spot! A shallow, little lake with waterfall, set back inbetween some cliffs and an area where I could place my claim tower!


So I placed my claim tower to claim the area for me and placed a farmhouse aswell, because I remembered them from earlier and it was supposed to gather lots of crafting materials for me.

It did not.

Turns out, amongst all of the other frequent changes, farmhouses now only gather stuff like fiber and berries. If you want wood, thatch, stone, metal, gems, etc., you’ll need like three other types of gathering stations. Except that placement of them is limited to one per very large area, so you’ll be lucky to even find place enough to set down one.


Oh well, atleast I had fiber.

I had a cliff platform ready in my bags and placed that in my newly claimed area and started gathering materials to build my home. This is what I ended up with for a house:


I then gathered a lot more materials, because I wanted to be able to quickly run back to shore to where hubby’s boat was. That meant going down another waterfall. A very long waterfall…


The stairs I build were quite ehm… scary and I fell off them a few times and died. Oops!

Oh well. Eventually, I started taming a couple of cows, for my blue vitamin needs. Usually, you have to catch fish for those, but my small body of water was too shallow to house any fish, so cows were the better choice.


Ofcourse, I had to make sure they wouldn’t run off, so I build a wall inbetween the cliffs and above the waterfall.

You can make your tamed animals stand still by the way, but I like to have them roam around my property. Give them some freedom!


My cliff platform with cliffhouse has a nice view, because it is situated over the large waterfall. So I’m pretty happy with this place!


Although later on, we did start sailing the open seas again, leaving my cows in a safe place with plenty of food to keep them happy.

Next time, we sail to Africa, hoping to find an island with less height differences!

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