Atlas – The great move


Remember last time I wrote about Atlas and I was all petty about some random guy claiming the piece of land I wanted on my favorite island and so I told you I want to move? Well, we did.

Hubby the boat builder had been busy building a bigger boat for us to sail on. It would be roomier and faster and a little before that, we had already visited a Freeport to pick up some crew, so I wouldn’t even need to handle the sails. Hubby would be able to handle that with his crew!

(While we were picking up crew, some other player was also there to ehm… gather a small army of crew members I guess!)

So we gathered our stuff, hopped on te boat and off we went, sailing the great seas, trying to find a nice island to make myself a new home.


Hubby is pretty happy with his new boat. He has made himself a little cabin, so he can sail his boat and stay dry through the rainy times! He even placed a couple of seats for his extra crew member and me, just to be safe when we cross grids or portals.


(His steering wheel is a little creepy though, it has a crab skin which hubby found in a particularly high treasure wreck at the bottom of the ocean.)

I like the ship design aswell! It’s still not one of the bigger ships, but we have room for everything. Below the captain’s cabin are a few beds, a grill to cook up meat and a larder to store food for us and the crew.


At the sides of the ship are two diving attachments to go and dive for treasures in shipwrecks whenever we come across them.


And below deck, hubby placed all of the crafting stations and a couple of storage chests, a bookcase and a chest for gold and repairing materials for the ship and its crew. All neatly packed into the middle, so we can still walk around all of the ship’s sides. That way, in cases of emergency, we can easily access every part of the ship that might need repairing.


Atlas once had one, huge map with many little blocks/grids with islands. They have now cut up the map and named the various, smaller pieces of map with fewer grids after the various world continents.

First we were sailing the Central Waters, but it was very busy in the central waters. Maybe South America would do us some good. So off we went to South America through one of the portals, which look like this:


In South America, we found many islands which were also quite busy and we also found a lot of islands which were just… rocks. Well, closer up, there were more details ofcourse, but I wanted to try and find an island which was a little more flat.

Alas, that was not in the cards for us that day and eventually, we saw this place:


It looked as though there might be some interesting places inbetween all of the rockyness. We had been on the move for quite some time already, so I told hubby we’d stop here and I would explore this place and see if it could be my new home.


And that, my friends, is a story for another time.

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