Atlas – I want to move


Barely two days in, my crafted home finished not even a day ago, and already I want to move on.

This might be because I hold on to anger too much…

Okay, so I told you that hubby and I started playing Atlas again. Hubby, our sailor, has already crafted a few newer ships and got very disappointed by the Carrack ship, which doesn’t have enough visibility when sailing. Luckily, we hauled in enough gold coins last evening for him to build another shipyard and start crafting one of the older, more familiar, more adjustable ships.

We were quite happy with the Cog ship though, which is easily accessible for solo players and quite fast and roomy for a beginners ship. The Carrack is just a longer version of it with room for more sails, but in such a way that you can no longer see much when sailing. It’s speedy, but annoying.

Anyway, on to MY problem!


My sweet hubby sailed us all the way to an island with my favorite design. The familiar island with a big pirate statue. I managed to claim two patches of land, so we could safely build a base and a shipyard. I build myself a home with a courtyard which is too small, but I finished it nonetheless.

Then, I went exploring. Checking out the small lake I remembered from earlier seasons. I found that the small isle in the middle of this lake already housed a building and a claim tower. Looking closer though, this claim tower was almost decomposed! Meaning its owner hadn’t logged in for almost ten days. After decomposing, I would be able to place a claim tower myself and be the owner of the little isle in the lake!


I did the math and found that the tower would decompose around 4 in the morning. Darn, that’s early. It’s in the middle of a big island though and most players want a patch of land near the sea… so I was still hopeful. Up until the point where I saw someone else placing claim towers all around the lake. My lake! Almost… So my hope sank. This guy had his eye on my isle aswell.

Then later on, in map chat, I saw this guy mentioning he’d only be on until his wife came home and they’d go out. Well, we figured he’d surely be sleeping at 4 in the morning then. Hopefully they’d make it a late-but-not-too-late night and he’d be gone until late in the morning! So at the end of the night, I grabbed my claim towers and headed over to the isle and logged off. Thinking I’d claim it as soon as I logged back on.

Should have logged on when I went to pee at 4 in the morning…


I was up at 4, but thought I’d do the non-addict thing and go back to sleep. I could not and got up a little after 5. Logged on, placed my claim tower, only to then see a ‘contested’ message and later notice this guy had already placed a claim tower and proceeded to claiming MY isle in the lake!

So now, I’m mad at this random guy who was supposed to be in bed with his wife for many more hours and I don’t want this random guy I never met to be my ingame neighbour. So I’m going to have to tell hubby we need to move. Find ourselves a new island. Get away from this random guy who doesn’t know he’s done anything wrong.

I sound very mentally healthy, don’t I?


So yeah, our Atlas adventure will have to continue out on the open waters, in search of a new home.

P.S.: Hubby did meet this random guy briefly, when he randomly dropped 1000 iron in front of him as a gift. So this guy is probably quite nice. But he unknowingly stole my isle, so we must be going!

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