Guild Wars 2 – Dragonstorm? Dragonstorm!

Playfulfoodie gaming Guild Wars 2 mmo

What’s a girl to do when she’s bored?

Here I was, logging into Guild Wars 2, just when our World vs World commander decided to call it quits. So, that was my plan going up in smokes! What in the heck am I supposed to do now?

Hubby logged on, we checked out the beta siege turtle and after hopping around in Lion’s Arch for a bit, we had seen enough of mister turtle.

Now what?

We checked the Looking for Group tab to see if there were any squads doing some kinda PvE thing, not really being able to remember what kinda PvE group content is available. Plenty, ofcourse, but we hadn’t played for a while.

Playfulfoodie gaming Guild Wars 2 mmo

We ended up joining a group who had affectionately called their LFG message ‘DRAGONSTOOORM’. Hubby liked that idea. Hubby knew what Dragonstorm was. I did not know what Dragonstorm is.

Turns out, Dragonstorm, like most PvE group content, is chaos!

Playfulfoodie gaming Guild Wars 2 mmo

So we fight two of our friends who have somehow turned evil and represent two dragons. And in between we have to destroy Ley Siphons and attack the dragons when they are vulnerable.

Playfulfoodie gaming Guild Wars 2 mmo

First, we fight our friends seperately and later, we fight them simultaneously and have to kill them at the same time. Yay.

We did the ten-man version first, and as if that wasn’t chaotic enough, we did the open-world version after. Well, that was ‘fun’! I think I’m made for WvW, instead of PvE group content. But hey, I did get new achievements!

Playfulfoodie gaming Guild Wars 2 mmo

Afterwards, we ended up going to Silverwastes. Which is a loot fest and I know this place. So that was much more relaxing! Chaos aswell, sure, but chaos I know!

This girl is no longer bored.

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