New World winter event

Playfulfoodie gaming New World winter event

I was just quickly going to check out New World’s winter event, but before I knew it, my morning was gone.

This always happens with New World! I ended up running all over the world to do the event quest while inbetween also doing some parts of a new quest that gives furniture for your house. And then from there on out, I just got more and more distracted. I mean, my server is quite empty, so I can gather all of the materials my heart desires. And should too, because we’ll merge in a few days.

My faction has lost all of its areas though, so teleporting with azoth is expensive right now…

Playfulfoodie gaming New World winter event

Alright, so winter holiday event in New World. What’s that all about? Ofcourse, there are decorations all around the towns, but that’s not all. There are items to collect! There are a couple of Winter villages in which a Winter Wanderer gives quests and sells items for Winter Tokens.

Playfulfoodie gaming New World winter event

These tokens can be gained through taking daily gifts from The Tree of Light in villages, taking daily gifts from the Winter Wanderer’s sack, by doing event quests and by collecting lost presents, which can be found all over the world. Some on the ground and others in the air. Oh, and you can also find gleamite on the ground at night, which can also be traded for tokens, although I haven’t found many of those yet.

Playfulfoodie gaming New World winter event

I was very confused about the presents in the air, I must say. But it turns out, you have to shoot them down and they actually give 20 presents as a reward, as opposed to the one you get from the ground. So I am now all about the floaty presents!

Playfulfoodie gaming New World winter event

You need 3 presents to turn into one Winter Token and you need 25 Winter Tokens to turn into a Premium Winter Token, which you need 10 of to get a wintery outfit. Yes, that is what I am going for, so I’m not sure how much I need for other items. There are weapons, armor and there are housing items, which are pretty frosty and cool!

Playfulfoodie gaming New World winter event

Aside from tokens, you also need to level up your event reputation to unlock all of the items in the token shop. You do this through quests, picking up presents… basically just playing the event. I think the reputation will be harder than getting all of the required tokens for my outfit… I need the highest reputation for it. So by the time I’ve got the reputation, I might even be able to get myself some furniture aswell!

Playfulfoodie gaming New World winter event

On an unrelated note: Gathering at max level now gives extra rewards! You continue to ‘level’ and once you’ve gathered enough xp, you’ll gain a box full of goodies for your crafting. That makes this gatherer pretty happy!

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