Black Desert Online – Corsair


Black Desert Online has just released their latest class: The Corsair.

Last time, it was the Sage, a male class. This time it’s all about the female pirate.

Starting a week ago, you were able to create your new Corsair character, but we had to wait until the next update to actually be able to play her. Today’s the day!


Let’s start our new adventure! I always have a hard time learning all of the BDO skills. There’s so much to read per skill and I guess my attention span can’t keep up on this subject. I just want to know: Does it hurt? Does it heal? Is it AoE? What’s the casting time? How much mana/energy does it cost? I’m not that interested in many numbers.

Basically, I’m a button masher.

There, I said it!


Well, let’s atleast try.

I guess my first skill is… AoE aaaaand it hits my targets multiple times. Oh well, best just to try it. My left mouse button skill is a basic slashing one and my right mouse button skill seems to make a bigger, wider arc, but it also uses up mana (MP). Both can hit three targets. And then there’s my favorite button to mash: F. It does a nice little forward attack.

Okay, I just used this first special skill ‘Mareca: Sea Stroll’ and it did this:


It turned me into a mermaid! I rushed forward, splashed down and then did a ranged attack aswell. So awesome!

Right, I think there is a quest I need to accept to really get started.



Ofcourse, it’s the black spirit with its regular starting questline. Time for some quick and easy leveling to get some extra skill points for unlocking extra skills.

The corsair seems to have quite a lot of movement options with her skills. I played classes where I mostly just stood still or used dodge to move around, but this lady has plenty of skills that make her dash forward. I love that about this class!


Looking at all of the possible skills, I am reminded of why I don’t like learning new BDO characters. I still don’t even remember what all of my main character’s skills do. Again, I just mash buttons, although with her, I atleast know what most of them do. Kinda. I’ll have to make it easy on myself and level up the useful skills on keys that I use the most.

I feel old!

Due to this being a new class, there’s a bonus for people leveling up their Corsair up until the 25th of august. You’ll earn extra rewards when you hit certain levels. Things like extra loyalties, an eyepatch and bandana, even some extra inventory slots. Not bad huh? I’m thinking I atleast want to hit 45 for the extra inventory slots and other bonuses, although 58 would be even better. I think so far though, I only have one character above 58, so that might take a while.

Oooh, I just found another cool skill by pressing the back button (S) and E.


This one’s called ‘ Mareca: Spiral Soak’ and you do a backflip, summon two whales and they crash down on all of the opponents in front of you. Quite an awesome AoE skill!

Oh yes, I’m going to enjoy myself with this one…

How about you?

  • Have you played, or do you still play BDO?
  • Will you try this new class?

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