Guild Wars 2 – Dragon Bash

Guild Wars 2’s annual Dragon Bash event is in full swing!

Playfulfoodie Guild Wars 2 Dragon Bash

Being a WvW player, events usually happen without me even knowing about them. This one really was no different. The ‘big’ thing for me in this case is the Dragon Bash Reward Track I can follow while playing WvW, so I can collect some goodies from this event through opening the Dragon Coffers the reward track offers. Mostly, they just contain some food, booze and candy.

Playfulfoodie Guild Wars 2 Dragon Bash

The candy and food can be consumed for a few event achievements, which is always nice. Achievements give achievement points, which give other goodies. Sometimes, with big interfalls, even gems, which is the stuff you buy with real-life money to use in the ingame store (you can also buy them with ingame gold, but I have a hard time parting with my gold).

The downside to all of these items is, as usual, the amount of bagspace it takes.

Playfulfoodie Guild Wars 2 Dragon Bash

I still haven’t been able to clear out all of the Halloween event items!

Oh well, my bags still look way better than hubby’s…

The event takes place mainly in the snowy areas of Guild Wars 2 (as far as I’ve seen so far). In the Norn’s capital Hoelbrak, you can shoot fireworks in the sky, bash in paper dragon pinatas and set effigies on fire. There’s also a moa race throughout the capital and you can play Dragon Bash there, which, to my surprise, isn’t a PvP thing. You get teamed up with a group of random players and have to kill holograms. There’s a few rounds of trash mobs and a few champions to kill. Everything, ofcourse, is rewarded with candy!

Playfulfoodie Guild Wars 2 Dragon Bash

The thing I’m doing today is Hologram Stampede, which takes you all over the snowy PvE maps to kill many holograms and collect a lot of candy and achievements. And wait for new events. A lot. This brings a whole lot of players to these maps.

Playfulfoodie Guild Wars 2 Dragon Bash

There’s not as much loot to gather here as there is during the Halloween events. It’s mainly all about the candy. Aside from eating loads for a few achievements, you also use the candy as currency for various event items. For anything interesting, you’ll need thousands of candy though, so I can understand why these PvE maps are now filled with people, waiting for the Hologram Stamped events.

Playfulfoodie Guild Wars 2 Dragon Bash

The Dragon Coffers you get for a few events and for the WvW reward track also have a small chance of dropping the interesting event items. There’s a few weapon skins, but also some mini pets, which I love to collect ofcourse. So far, I’ve had a staff weapon skin drop from one of the coffers, so it hasn’t been a complete waste to open them! Hubby just sells the coffers on the trading post to earn gold.

Playfulfoodie Guild Wars 2 Dragon Bash

Hubby says I need to do the Hologram stamped ten times to finish one of the annual achievements. So I’m doing this ten times and then returning to WvW. Although… if I want the event’s backpack skin, I’ll probably have to do more of these Dragon Bash events… I’ll need 7 of annual achievements I think… Yuck!

No, it’s fun for PvE, really. There’s a nice variety of things, but I just enjoy WvW more. We’ll see if I’m able to get myself to farm for the backpack!

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