Foodie’s favorites

I’ve shared many recipes during the course of this blog. It’s time to highlight some of my favorites!

While scrolling through my food posts history, I noticed a couple of forgotten gems in there. What a shame, right? Today, I want to give them a little extra attention. So here we go with my favorites so far!

Pumpkin pasta with salami


These last few years, I’ve grown to love pumpkin and this pumpkin pasta is a favorite during autumn and winter!

Pea cream pasta

Another pasta. Various family members have expressed lots of love for this very easy to make pea cream pasta!

Zucchini oven dish


Well, this picture tells you all you need to know about this delicious zucchini oven dish. Lots of tomato and cheese! Vegetarian, but far from vegan with all the cheese.

Sweet potato spinach quiche


Sweet potato is a little hard to cut for my weak arms, but definitely worth it for this sweet potato spinach quiche!

Mango avocado salad


This mango avocado salad is super easy to make and is a delicious side dish!

Mango coconut cream


And while we’re on the subject of mango, yet again a very easy recipe! This mango coconut cream contains only two ingredients and is super taste. Just ask my sister in-law!

Coconut panna cotta with Licor 43


This coconut panna cotta with licor 43 might take a little effort to make, but it is well worth the trouble!

Minty chocolate fudge cake


Only good things to say about this minty chocolate fudge cake! Super delicious and honestly if you don’t like the mint, just leave it out or substitute it with some orange extract. Tastes just as delicious (trust me, I’ve tried).



This baklava is super moist and sweet. I’m so happy I challenge myself to make this a couple of years ago!

White chocolate truffles


These little white chocolate truffles might not look like much, but they have an amazing taste, thanks to the irish mist! These were definitely favorite of my cousin at family dinner.

Nutty lemon bars


These nutty lemon bars are a true taste bomb! I love them and when mum made them, she wholeheartedly agreed (and ate way too many).

Chocolate orange energy bars

Recipe chocolate orange energy bars with dates by playfulfoodie

My latest recipe, but these chocolate orange energy bars are already a definite favorite of mine. They are my morning snack at work and super delicious!

There we go, my favorites so far. I hope you found something to try!


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