Phone case showcase

Wow, such a good title!

Alright, so I’ve not been blogging much, but I have been designing. I made some pretty neat designs that work particularly well on phone cases and I kinda want to show them off.

So, I created a phone case collection in my store and put the best designs on top!

These are the first nine:

playfulfoodie phonecase phonecover designs

The top ones are the newest additions and I still have a red/white one I want to upload, but rumor has it, it’s best not to add all new designs at once. Gotta spread it out.

I always add everything at once, too excited to wait… but I gotta try and be smart, right? Be all business-like!

I figured I’d play around with gradients a little and I really like the outcome myself!

Also, I love the diamond-ish/space-ish ones at the bottom. One of them sold on a phonecase already, yay! That’s always a big compliment to have my design picked out of the big sea of others. I’m still wondering what other colors to use on that design. Maybe red? Green? I’d love to hear suggestions.

Oh, and ofcourse after creating a cherry for my own logo, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to use(/abuse) it to make a little apple-alternative! These are iphone cases after all (though the same cases are available for samsung galaxy aswell).

Anyway, this is my little ‘pat on the back’-article. A girl is allowed one of those once in a while, right?

Here’s a link to the phonecase collection.

Hope you like these designs and I’d love to hear your feedback!

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