Novus Inceptio – Housing


Novus Inceptio is a survival game. Part of surviving is building your own home.

This is how you start out, with your pants, crude knife and little else:


Sure, there’s the starting area with healing equipment, your storage and clones… many, many clones… but don’t we all want a place for ourselves? A place where we aren’t under the constant watch of dozens of… well… us? Preferably above ground, where the sunlight can hit our face? I know I do, and so does my clone. Who is a man. Which I am not. But let’s just forget about that.

So after learning basic things like gathering and simple crafts, I wandered around a little until I reached a building zone.

See, in Novus Inceptio, you can’t just build your house anywhere. There are building zones scattered all across the map and only there can you build your home. It’s too bad that you’re restricted like that, but atleast there are plenty of building zones to pick from (or you can just build on them all).


There is a special building menu where you can find everything you need to build your home. At first, I went at it the ‘Ark way’, laying down foundation, dropping floor on that and building walls around it. Putting down your vision is easy in Novus Inceptio. You can build up your entire house from the building menu without worrying about materials. That comes later.


So, first you build your home any way you want. You can edit it to your heart’s content and once it is perfect, you leave the building menu. What appears in front of you is an actual blueprint of your house. Your house is there, but it’s see-through blue. You can walk on it, but it’s not actually there yet.

Now, you have to build your house. You can interact with every part of your house by standing near them and choosing ‘Interaction’ from the pop-up. This will open up a menu for this particular piece of floor/wall/door/etc. Here, you have to add certain building materials. Once all requirements are met, you can build this piece and bring it to life. No longer will it be see-through blue. Now, it will be wood! Or stone. Or whatever you picked.

As I said, I went at it the ‘Ark way’. Building from scratch. That is until I found Villa plans in the building menu and I went looking for information. It turns out, you can create villa building papers and it lets you drop down a villa house in your building zone. Sure, it requires some materials, but hey, atleast you’ll have an awesome villa house when you’re without inspiration for your own home!


So I gathered up the materials, dropped down the villa blueprint and build it with my villa papers. What a great home!

Here it is in the dark:

(Don’t mind the ever-present drone.)

And here’s the insides:

(Do mind the plant on the far right. I sure do know how to make my house look homey!)

Couldn’t have done it better myself. Could definitely have done worse though.

Aside from building your own home, the building zone can also be filled with certain crafting stations. There’s the ones you need yourself, like a kitchen, alchemy station, carpenter station, anvil, etc., etc.. There’s also buildings that do some gathering for you. There are buildings that collect ore, stone, wood and alchemy ingredients. This last one is currently decorated in halloween style:

(Don’t mind the plants in front of it, those are from my awesome farming skills.)

Here’s the wood collector and next to it is another house. I was confused, so now I have an empty house in my first building zone. Oh well.


I’m quite happy with my first building zone. I have a couple of places to plant my seeds for farming and I have all the crafting stations I need. I have a well for water collection and I also have apple trees!

Since then, I’ve visited two other building zones and decided to build on both. This is the second one on a cliff overlooking a valley with some water:

(I completely forgot to take screenshots from up close, sorry! Just believe me when I tell you it’s awesome.)

The third one is on its own, big plateau, accessible through a couple of bridges over a wide chasm:


What a way to enter, right? I build a few extra gathering buildings there and now it’s like a little street! There’s plenty of space left to build or farm.


I think I’ll put down many trees for fruit and wood collection. First I’ll have to find more seeds though!

Lastly, as I told you in my previous post, the way of leveling in this game is by aging and cloning yourself once you’re old, which brings you back to an age of 18. For this, you need a cloning station. There is one at the starting area, but you don’t want to be stuck having to run back there every time you’re old. Instead, you can build your own cloning station and set it down in any building zone. I made sure to have one in all of my houses so far, just so I don’t have to run all the way back. It takes some materials, but most of them are easy to collect in the ruined city anomaly.


And that’s it for the building section of this game! As I told you in my previous post, the game is in early access fase, so there are plenty of bugs to be expected. I run into a few while playing, but they don’t keep me from exploring. I’d love to have a multi player option in this game at some point, but so far, I’ll have to explore alone and just be a lone builder/farmer.

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