Pokemon Go weekend


This weekend was a ‘Take your gaming outside’ kinda weekend.

Hubby has been into Pokemon Go again lately, ever since he ‘borrowed’ the Pokemon Go bracelet I got from his best friend. It allows him to capture poke stops while driving, without having to do anything but push a button on his wrist when it vibrates. He’s been taking afternoon walks during his break at work to play too.

There is now a little bit of interaction possible in the game. You can add a friend, send them gifts and do raids together. This all raises your friendship level, which gives you more pokeballs to try and capture a pokemon after a raid. You can also trade and that benefits from friendship level aswell. Something to do with stardust.

So, he’s been sending me a gift a day (which is the max), so I get to collect some extra items aswell, being without a pokestop in the neighbourhood and without internet on the phone.

This weekend was Eevee weekend. You could catch a lot of Eevees and they would have a special attack move. So this weekend, we headed out to play Pokemon Go! Me mooching off of hubby’s shared internet on the phone.

Saturday we headed towards the city we lived close to last year. The place where hubby grew up part of his childhood. He had to go to the barber and the one he knows does good work has his place there. After that, we played Pokemon in the city for a while and we had lunch there.


Bacon pancake with goat cheese and rucola, yum!

While playing Pokemon and capturing a lot of Eevees, we walked towards the shoe store. I got new shoes, flipflops for in the water, warm slippers for in the house and a new water bottle, because my old one wasn’t safe to carry in my bag anymore (lots of water spillage!). It was a surprisingly successful visit.

After that, we hurried back to the car, because the parking ticket was out of minutes. Then, we visited hubby’s uncle for a late birthday visit. We had missed the birthday barbecue because hubby wasn’t feeling well. After, we wanted to visit hubby’s cousin, but we heard he was on vacation in Spain. Spain being a little bit too far out of our way, we skipped that visit and headed to my father in-law. We sat and chatted for a while and then we loaded up the car with more of our stuff from our old, one year home. My youngest sister in-law is living there now while she’s waiting for her own place to be ready to move in. She wasn’t home though, so we headed back home once the car was full.

Yesterday (sunday), we decided to go to the amusement park. I wanted to go into my favorite roller coaster, but hubby wasn’t feeling up to it and I didn’t want to go alone. The line by then would have been too long anyway. We were a little late.

So, instead of going into a ride, we sat down and played Pokemon Go. Oh yes, we spend more time there playing Pokemon than we would when going into rides. There were many pokestops and gyms to visit and battle and ofcourse many pokemon to capture.


The upside of not going into rides and having to leave my bag behind, was that I was able to take my phone. Which I needed for Pokemon Go too, ofcourse. So I took a couple of pictures while we were walking around, playing.


In the end, we did decide to go into one ride. It’s this garden tour where you sit in little cars and they slowly drive around in a little garden. Hubby figured it would help hatch my pokemon eggs. It did put some extra meters on them! We decided not to be too silly though and didn’t go for a second ride.


After, we grabbed some lunch and headed back home. There, I spend some time sorting out all of my newly captured pokemon, after which our pokemon weekend was done.

It surprised me to see so many people walking around with phone in hand this weekend. I didn’t think Pokemon Go still had so many people playing the game. Hubby said it was like the Ingress weekend, when everyone was playing Ingress in the streets of Bonn.

I’m happy games like these exist. Sure, walking around outside, actually doing outsidesy things might be great, but for us nerdy people who spend so much time on the pc, games like these allow us to take our favorite activity outside and give us some exercise!

Now I just have to wait until weekend, so I can mooch off of hubby’s internet connection again, because I still don’t want to trade in prepaid for a monthly subscription. It just wouldn’t make any sense, financially speaking.

And hey, the new WoW expansion gets released soon, so who cared about Pokemon Go then, right? I’ve got unhealthy gaming to do inside!

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