I’m getting married!

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So yes, I’m getting married! I’ll disappoint you right away by telling you I don’t have a big marriage proposal story, but that doesn’t make me any less happy that it’s happening.

Basically, getting married now was born out of us buying a home together. The thing is, we’ve know we are great together for a long time already. We would never think about not spending the rest of our lifes together. There’s just been so much happening for us (mainly moving a couple of times), there wasn’t really any quiet time to really go ‘Hmm, let’s get married!’. Our perfect house showed up before we got to that point!

So what do you do when you’re about to buy your dream house together? You start thinking about securities for each other. What happens to either of us if something bad happens to the other? We both want equal rights to the house without having any trouble with anyone if bad things do happen. Even by law, buying a house together requires some sort of official document to tie the two of you together. So for us, marriage is the best option.

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We’d been talking about it for a little while and basically while doing groceries, I asked “So, are we engaged now?”“I guess we are.”. Oh yes I know, the most romantic thing ever, right?

Well, we don’t do anything the normal way, so I guess this is exactly how it was supposed to go!

We’re getting married on the 19th of june. A week before we officially buy our new house. It’ll basically be in a small office in townhall with our parents. We can only bring 4 people, otherwise we’d have to do a bigger ceremony and that only means more money and me in the spotlights. We don’t need that.

Instead, I figured we could host a little party/get-together in our home later that day and invite family and friends to stop by. Nothing special, just a few snacks and nice people. I’ll combine it with my 30th birthday, which is on the 20th of june.

If those two things aren’t a big enough reason to throw a party, even for me, then I don’t know what is.

It’s still a little surreal to be honest, because there’s so much going on right now! Selling a house, buying a house and oh yeah, let’s get married too!

It feels right though. It was only a matter of time anyway and this way, there’s no stress about doing a small/big wedding or whatever. I don’t like standing in the spotlights, so this is better for me. A party afterwards feels much more relaxed. I do want that small party, because it is a happy occasion and I want to give it a little bit of attention.

So, I’m getting married and I’m getting my dream house! I really do feel like the luckiest girl alive.

This article was written months ago and shared on my Steemit blog. Sharing it here now to catch up!

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