Foodie takes gaming outside


Yesterday, I told you a little bit about me joining the resistance. Today, I can tell you more about that!

So, I started playing Ingress yesterday, which is the sci-fi augmented reality game Pokemon Go was based on. It happens in the real world and I told you how we have two factions (Enlightened and Resistance) that fight each other for control over portals. That was about as far as I could go in my explanation yesterday morning, because I didn’t know much about the game yet.

Yesterday in the afternoon, we drove over to the city to meet up with my boyfriend’s best friend. He has been quite active with both Ingress and Geocaching these last few weeks, because both have certain events running right now. He’s pretty annoyed that they are both at the same time, but what can you do!

Anyway, we met up and he explained the basics of the game to me.

You have to ‘hack’ portals to gain items from them. You can do this no matter what color they are (green for Enlightened, blue for Resistance). You’ll need these items to capture and hold your portals.

Grey portals are neutral and they turn neutral when no one has bothered to keep them running for their team. See, you have to deploy resonators to capture a grey portal and these resonators slowly lose health/energy/whatever over time. When they run out, they disappear and once a portal loses all of its resonators (there’s a max of 8), it turns grey. You can also attack the resonators to destroy them, turning the portal grey for you to then deploy your own. You can top off your team’s resonators by investing your XM, which is energy you pick up along the way.


So we started walking towards the city center and the surrounding area, where many portals live! Plenty were blue (ours) already, so we could hack them, top them off and move on. Others were grey, so I could capture them by deploying resonators. I got to do a lot, because he wanted me to get to level 3 for his ‘invite a friend’ thing to work. I managed that easily yesterday!

There were also some green portals, which had to be attacked. Seeing as I was pretty low level, the guys did most of the attacking, because my attacks didn’t have a lot of effect.

Oh, and I learned that you can also us a special hack on portals, which gives this mini game where you have to draw glyphs. The stronger the portal, the more glyphs you have to draw. It’s basically a memory game where they show you a glyph (or two or three) and you then have to re-create that glyph (or two or three). It gives you some bonus items when you get it right!


The very big upside of games like Ingress and Pokemon Go (or things like Geocaching) is that it happens outside. They drag you out into the real world and make you work for it. You have to walk around and we all know how healthy walking outside is, right? As long as you remember to pay attention to your surroundings that is.

Yesterday was a beautiful, sunny day, so it was really nice to spend so much time outside.


I also saw much more of the city, because my boyfriend’s best friend has all of these routes in his head to hit as many portals as possible, and they take you through all sorts of places. I usually just visit the regular hotspots! So while playing the game, I reminded myself to take a picture now and then.


This city we live so close to is really pretty, so that’s another bonus to playing Ingress there.

We walked for over three hours, after which I was quite hungry and all of our feet were starting to protest. We did paint a lot of the town blue, so that was great!

We walked back to the car and got in. Time for sushi! My boyfriend told his friend he didn’t have to pay for us (the deal I made to get to level 3 for him), but we would go and eat sushi, which we all could agree on.


My boyfriend called and sadly, both the sushi restaurants were booked full. There was a spot left at 8 in the evening for one of them, so after some consideration, we took it. We drove by the McDonalds to get something small to last us until 8 and then headed home.

At 7:30, we headed over to the bigger city and walked to the sushi restaurant. There was a line! I wondered whether these were all people who had booked a table, to which someone answered that yes indeed, even people who had booked a table were in line.

So we said ‘screw this’ and headed over to another restaurant. They had a table for us and we had a very tasty dinner there instead!

Today, my legs and feet don’t hurt much, which is quite surprising. I enjoyed playing Ingress with the guys yesterday and we already had plans to go to this Ingress event in Germany next month, so that’ll be fun I think. Do some more healthy walking and explore pretty places while playing a game.

Let’s hope for more ‘healthy’ gaming options in the future!

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