Guild Wars 2 – A continuation of the new expansion


Seeing as I got interrupted last time by the news that I just became an aunt, I didn’t get to finish my last post. So here’s its continuation!

I was talking about our very first venture into the Crystal Desert in Guild Wars 2‘s late’s expansion: Path of Fire.

Our trip there was by means of an airship. We left the lush and green lands behind us and traded them in for lots and lots of sand. Luckily, even in the desert there’s a bit of water and greenery.


Once we arrived, we were met by lots of fire in our first story. We had to extinguish this fire and rescue the raptors caught behind it. In return, these raptors helped us cross large distances with their amazing jumping skills.


Meet the first available mount in this expansion: The raptor.


It acts just a bit goofy, like it’s a cross between a scary dino and a dog.


Now this raptor is used to cross large chasms, due to its ability to jump far distances. It can be trained to jump even further through the masteries system. It’s the first of four regular mounts in total. However, there is a special fifth mount available. I’ll talk more about them in a seperate post.

We have played a couple of stories so far and the sceneries do change a bit.


Some parts are indeed mostly sand, which I was afraid of.


However, there are plenty of things to break up the sand, like little streams, many rocks, but also trees.


The first city we went to basically looks like what you’d expect from a city in the desert. The characters we met in its story do aswell.


The city, called Amnoon, is filled with plenty of decoration, especially inside.


There’s a mastery point to obtain there by helping out a cook with his recipe. He runs around the room and makes you run around the room to gather ingredients for him. You then throw them at him. It is so very annoying, because he keeps on running away when you’re about to throw your ingredient. This means plenty of ingredients hit an empty floor.

Luckily, we both managed it, so that’s one annoying little thing out of the way.


Now, I think this little introduction has gone on long enough, so I’m ending it with a screenshot of my boyfriend in one of the stories we did. I’ll share some extra info and adventures in the future. There’s plenty more to see!

This was first published on my Steemit blog.


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