Guild Wars 2 – Path of Fire


The new expansion of the MMO game Guild Wars 2 just got released.

Guild Wars 2 is a great game with multiple aspects. You can journey through the world in PvE setting, visiting the most beautiful, hot, cold, and dangerous places. You can also battle other players in the multiple PvP maps. And then there is WvW (World vs World vs World), the part I enjoy most. Where your server battles across four maps with two other servers, trying to capture and hold as many objectives as you can. All while joining in big fights with the other two servers.

The new loading screen with a sandy background. That’s my necromancer, who I’m taking on this journey with me.

Guild Wars 2 has had one previous payed expansion in the past, called Heart of Thorns. This story played out in the jungle. With the second expansion, Path of Fire, you find yourself in the Crystal Desert. Sand as far as the eye can see!

As is to be expected with the release of a new expansion, Path of Fire did not arrive without a couple of problems. People experienced plenty of disconnects, network errors, long loading screens, and they even had to re-do a story from time to time.

Our experiences were no different. We started playing about an hour after the release and ran into plenty of connection errors in the beginning. This problem lasted the entire evening, though after the innital hickups, we only experienced another three disconnects. The only annoying part was that we had to do the first big story instance alone. We were in a party, yet when my boyfriend started the story mode, he got transported right away, with no prompt for me to join him. Oh well, we survived!


To start this new adventure, we had to activate the new Path of Fire story in our Story Journal. This story starts in Lion’s Arch, where we first get to chat a bit with an old aquiantance. We then get directed to an airship. This is what will take us to the Crystal Desert.


Once you board the airship, you’ll get a cutscene, showing you the travels of the airship.


We travel through beautiful scenes…


And storms!


After which we arrive in the desert!

…Aaaand this is where I will leave this story for now. I have plenty more to talk about and I’ll show you some of our first adventures in the desert soon. However, this is where my boyfriend got a call from his sister, saying he’s an uncle again, so I had to run!

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