The beauty of Black Desert – Golden hour


Black Desert Online has given me the option of shooting some beautiful images from inside its beautiful world and it has given me quite a bit of joy. In this series, I want to share those images with you.

Black Desert has day and night cycles. They are faster than our own, so we can see multiple days and nights during one day of gaming.

If you’re a photographer, you probably know the term ‘golden hour’, indicating the moments around sunset and sunrise where the sun shows us softer colors. Black Desert has those moments too and I took some screenshots to share them with you.

Many of these were taken in the small harbor town, Velia, where we still spend most of our time.


You’ve seen the town before in my previous posts, but not with the beautiful glow of the golden hour.


Sometimes it’s hard to take sharp pictures, due to how the game was made, but I still manage to find a few good shots.


It’s a little easier up close.


A little harder from afar though.


And lastly, a little sneak peak of Heidel, the bigger city close to Velia.


It has many small, beautiful streets to wander through, but I haven’t taken the time to properly take screenshots there yet.


A while ago, I took a few screenshots of the beach event that’s happening now, so those are still on the way in a future post.

This article was first published on my Steemit blog.


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