The beauty of Black Desert – Velia


Black Desert Online has given me the option of shooting some beautiful images from inside its beautiful world and it has given me quite a bit of joy. In this series, I want to share those images with you.

I talked a little bit about Black Desert Online already. To be honest, I’ve mainly complained about the game being too hard and having some really annoying features. I still stand behind that, but the game managed to intrigue me nonetheless. I like the many, many options you have and I also like the graphics. They’ve already allowed me to take quite a few beautiful screenshots and today, I’ll start sharing them with you.

First up: Velia

Velia is the little town we dubbed our safe haven. The place where we are learning about many of the game’s features.

In Black Desert, you can invest points into buildings. They can become your personal residence or they can be used as various workshops, storage expansions, etc.


This is the front door to my own personal residence. It is only one, boring room, but it’s where I have my bed! I later bought another home in the bigger city, but I haven’t spend much time there yet.

All of my other screenshots will be completely zoomed in, so you don’t have to look at my pretty pink hair.


All throughout the town, you’ll see npc’s standing or wandering around. Some will give you quests or sell you items, others are just sharing the roads with you.


When you get closer to more popular places like the marketplace, storage or stables, you’ll run into a lot of horses from other players.


I simply love the design of the buildings in this game. I love this picture, almost as much as I love the first one I shared in this post.


Along the town’s edges there are many crops growing. Besides grapes, there are also apple trees to be found, as well as potatoes.


This alchemist draws quite a crowd!


One of the many apple trees throughout town, and another picture I love.

I think this is enough for now. I have many more images to show you and I’m keeping my eyes open while traveling throughout this world for more beautiful sights.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the tour so far!

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