BoneBone: Rise of the Deathlord


Today is a slow day, even in Black Desert Online, so I decided to try out one of my now many Steam games.

This game is called BoneBone: Rise of the Deathlord.

I bought the game on discount with my cryptocurrency back on

Actually, it’s a pretty cheap game either way, so I didn’t expect too much. The main reason for buying this was that it looked funny.


After a tutorial in a weird language I couldn’t understand, the game started for me. Basically, you have to shoot the skeletons before they reach your farm.


You do this by shooting arrows at them, which basically means you have to click a lot! Once you’re out of arrows, you take a little time to reload, before you can shoot again.


To make things a bit easier on yourself, you can buy extra arrow shots, so you don’t have to reload as often.


You buy them from the coins you gain when you finish a level.


Once every five days (levels), a merchant will come around to sell you new bows. They can increase your damage and/or reload time.

The verdict

The game looks funny and I found myself shouting “Die already!” a couple of times. It’s amusing for a little while, however I would not pay €2 for it. It is simply too simple a game for me and I probably won’t be playing it again. I’ve been annoyed by the many clicks Black Desert Online requires for the simplest of actions, so I’m not about to play another game that requires this many clicks.

So, fun for a little while, not a game to repeat too often. But it does look cute!

This was first published on my Steemit blog.


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