Guild Wars 2 World vs World – Borderlands

I have spend many hours playing Guild Wars 2, or more precisely, doing battles in the game’s World vs World vs World environment. Today, I want to start explaining this gameplay better.

Guild Wars 2 is a massively multiplayer online game (MMO). There is a lot to do in this game, where World vs World vs World (WvW) is just a small part of it. It does, however, hold the interest of a lot of Guild Wars 2 players who actively play mostly just this part of the game.

When you start Guild Wars 2, you have to pick a server (home world) to play on. Back in the beginning, everything in the game was separated between servers. Now though, most of the game play happens with all home worlds combined. The server you pick now mainly affects who you will fight for in WvW.


In WvW, three servers are basically pitted against each other. Each of them has a home world (they are called Borderlands). These are three similar maps in which each team has a different spawn point (lately, another map has come into rotation, but I’ll leave that out for convenience. The mechanics are the same).

On your home border, you will always be able to spawn at the top of the map. This is where you start when you enter the map and this is also where you can always return to if you die on the battlefield. Your enemies will each have their own spawn point on the bottom of the map. One east, one west. On the enemy maps, you will have your spawn point at the bottom. One east, one west.

On these maps, there are many objectives you’ll want your world to capture. Holding more of these objective means gaining a higher score for your server. Once you hold one or more of these objectives, you have to upgrade them. This takes time and supplies. Upgrading them means better defense, offense and a higher supply cap.

The borderlands map holds three keeps on which you will be able to build a waypoint. This waypoint allows you to spawn at that place, so it’ll be easier for you to travel across the map and quickly come to your friend’s aid (or save a tower). You will have to have held the keep for quite a while to build up this waypoint and other attack mechanisms and defenses. If your keep is under attack, you will be unable to use its waypoint.

The maps also hold towers and supply camps. They can both be captured and held to upgrade aswell. I will write a more in depth article about the different objectives in a future post.


This screenshot was taken at the supply camp at the very top of the borderlands map. In the background (behind all the enemies), you see the entrance to the safe haven and only constant spawnpoint of your home borderland. In this particular case, we were on their borderland, so they were very close to their safe haven.

In the next post, I will tell you more about the different objectives! The fourth map and siege weapons will also be discussed in later posts.

This was first published onĀ my Steemit blog.


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