Surviving in Ark – Our unplanned jungle adventure


Recently, I have decided to give Ark another try. So far, I’m very much enjoying myself.

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Today, we went on a flying trip. We wanted to tame the biggest bird ingame, so I was flying with my boyfriend in the front seat, crossbow and tranqualizing arrows in hand. We found one flying around above the island. My boyfriend started shooting it with arrows, while I tried to stay close and underneath the bird. This went alright for a while… untill one of his arrows accidentally hit me.

I got tranquilised, got thrown off our flyer, blacked out and fell down to the ground. By some kind of miracle, I survived this drop, but I was blacked out for a little while. My boyfriend also fell down and used a parachute. This didn’t work out quite as expected, so he dropped down to the ground with half of his health gone.

And there we were. Stranded in the jungle and our flyer out of our reach…

We didn’t know exactly where we were and my boyfriend left most of his gear at home to keep our weight down. Luckily, I still had my shotgun with a little ammunition. We quickly gathered enough materials to make a raft, because we’d be a lot safer on the water than we would be on the beach with all the predators. We sailed for a little while, until we hit the end of that particular river.

Just our luck!

We got off, gathered more materials and got attacked by a few predators. We managed to kill them, build another raft and off we were again. Not much further we hit a roadblock again. There were many trees in the water, making it hard to navigate. It had also become dark. That’s where we got attacked by terror birds! They are pretty vicious killers, but luckily I still had some ammo left! We killed them and left our ship to wander around in the dark.


When the sun returned, we found out we would be able to get the raft out of the trees, so we sailed further. Many predators and a raft later, we finally found the open sea! From here on, it was an easy trip back to our home.

We survived!

Our flyer was still out there somewhere, though. So we grabbed another one and flew back to where we got stranded. Luckily my boyfriend had a good sense of direction, because I had no clue where we should be heading. After searching for a while, we found his flyer and flew it back home.

What we’ve learned from this? Don’t shoot tranquilizing arrows from our duo flyer!

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