Surviving in Ark – Eggs for breakfast

Recently, I have decided to give Ark another try. So far, I’m very much enjoying myself.

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Many dinosaurs in Ark lay eggs. You can pick up these eggs and eat them as is, or use them in a cooking recipe. I have many dodo’s, which also means you stumble upon eggs quite regularly. I’m used to picking them up and throwing them in the fridge.

One day, we were out on herbivore island (no meat-eaters there) to gather some metal, when I ran into this:


Giant egg! Obviously I wanted to take that back with me, so I picked it up. What I did not remember was that dinosaur mama’s sometimes get a bit cranky when you take their egg. A dodo won’t show this behaviour, but look at the size of this egg… this was no dodo egg. This was a brontosaurus egg. You know, huge body with long, strong neck and tail…

Mama was mad!

She swung her big tail and threw me several meters through the air. I landed and ran for my life! However, being on an island, there weren’t many places to go! Luckily, mama bronto was a bit slow, so I took that time to jump on my raft and sail for home. She gave up her chase before she hit deep waters and from then on, we have a new understanding. I won’t take her eggs. She won’t kill me.

Sorry for the short story this time. I’ve got a long and busy day ahead of me. More next time!

This was originally posted onĀ my Steemit blog.


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