Surviving in Ark – My animals

Recently, I have decided to give Ark another try. So far, I’m very much enjoying myself.

These are my other Ark stories: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Let me tell you a bit about our dinosaurs today. We’ve tamed quite a few and when my boyfriend just joined me, he managed to tame a Pteranodon for me. A flying dino that can carry me on its back!


Flying dinosaurs are so handy, because they allow you to easily get away from a dangerous situation quickly. Most of them anyway.


This one is not able to carry much, though, but today we ran into a bigger bird, who can carry a lot more. The advantage of my Pteranodon is that it is very fast. We have two of them now.


I had already shown you Bubbles, who got eaten by a dinosaur. I ran into another monkey later on and tamed it. Then I saw two more, so I tamed them aswell. They are all called Bubbles… You know, just so I have back-ups.


I have tried getting them to mate. I build two different enclosures for them, before it worked, because they need to be really close for a while. It eventually worked and one got pregnant. After a baby Bubbles was born though, it died almost immediately after. I wasn’t able to target and feed it in time… I was so sad! I’ll try again though. I will have my baby Bubbles one day.


I also found out that monkeys can wear hats!

That’s what I’ll leave you with for now! More to come next time.

This story was previously posted onĀ my Steemit blog.


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