Surviving in Ark – Goodbye Bubbles

Recently, I have decided to give Ark another try. So far, I’m very much enjoying myself.

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So… Remember how I was talking about taming Bubbles? Look, this is him:

I’m sad to have to inform you that he recently passed away. He was eaten by a dinosaur. He was a very happy monkey and he was always there with me, riding around on my shoulder. He made sure I was never alone and always protected me by flinging his poo at mean dinosaurs. He will be missed.

How did this happen, you ask? Well, we noticed a big bird-like creature close to our home. This is a plant eater, but an aggressive one. He would attack us on sight. So before anything bad would happen to all of our dinosaurs, my boyfriend wanted to try and tame this bird. It would be great to have it on our side, protecting our flock.

It did not work.

The big, bad bird killed my boyfriend, then went after me and killed me. Seeing as Bubbles was sitting on my shoulder, like he always did, he got killed next. So now I’m looking for a new monkey to tame.

I’m flying around, trying to find any monkey, but so far, they are nowhere to be found. I won’t give up, yet! I want a new Bubbles.

Oh, and besides the adventures of Bubbles, we have also been busy building a big boat. More on that later!

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