Surviving in Ark – Living the good life


Recently, I have decided to give Ark another try. So far, I’m very much enjoying myself.

Click here for my first post about Ark.

So last time, I left you with a nice shot of my little thatch house at sunset. So much has happened since then! I would first like to introduce you to my other dinosaur pet. He might look a bit scary, but he’s such a sweetheart! So excited and cute, especially when he runs towards me.


This guy has saved me from many baddies already. Venom spitting dinosaurs, or pocket picking ones (really!). I’m glad we haven’t run into a t-rex yet, because I’m not sure either of us would survive that ordeal.

So I have upgraded my house a bit.


I got tired of hitting my head on the ceiling, so I went for two stories this time. As you can see, I also upgraded to wood. It provides a little more protection than thatch does against those big, bad dinosaurs.


As you can see, I have a cosy little fire in the middle of my hut and some small storage chests on the side.

But wait! I wasn’t quite done just yet! Quickly after this, I learned how to build stone houses, so I started upgrading again!


Aah, stone. Now I feel safe.

Ofcourse, building a house gets quite expensive. I need to gather a lot of materials. Luckily, my sweet dino friend helps me carry some of the weight. We’ve been on a couple of trips and look! We brought another little friend with us, just for fun.


Sadly, our little friend has passed away, since. It got eaten by a dino.

Story of our lives…

I have also build myself a raft.


You see, I’ve build my house, overlooking this little island on the horizon. It’s called Herbivore island. This island is filled with dinosaurs, but they are all plant eaters. Nothing scary about that! And this island, it holds quite a lot of metal, which comes in handy, later in the game. While gathering this metal, I also get a lot of stone, which is great for building and expanding my house!

So I build a small storage chest on my little raft and sailed towards the island! I gathered lots of materials, put them in my chest, and sailed back home.

My boyfriend has decided to re-install Ark aswell. He joined me yesterday. He’s braver than I am when it comes to hostile dinosaurs, so I have lots to tell you guys, still! I will give you an update on our newest adventures soon. For now, though, I’m off to gather some more materials for our expanding house and grounds.

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