My photo gallery


I have just started my new photo gallery! 

As you may, or may not know, I’ve done quite a bit of photography in my life. You might have noticed my header or icon, which are part of my own collection. I’ve previously posted my best work on Deviantart, a webshop and on my own gallery at a free website host. Last year, this host decided to stop hosting free websites, meaning I lost my photography portfolio.

I’ve been without a photography portfolio for a while now and have been working on other projects, like this foodblog and my Steemit blog. The last of which yields me some cryptocurrency for my blog posts. Thanks to Steemit, photography has been on my mind again lately and I felt like it was about time I started my own, online gallery again.

This foodblog on WordPress has worked out quite well. Managing, posting and organising is easy and things look good. There are a couple of downsides, like not being able to have full control of the looks and not being able to host paid adds, but so far, the layout has worked fine and I don’t generate as much traffic for adds to have much effect, anyway. There are options to add these features later, if I ever do get a bigger online presence.

Thanks to my good experiences with WordPress so far, I’ve decided to host my new gallery here aswell. It took me a while to come up with a good name, seeing as everything I thought of was already taken (and some weren’t actually in use at all! What a waste of a good name.). I eventually landed on View of Nature.

I’ve added just a couple of pictures for now, but I’m planning on steadily filling up the site with more of my work. Once I’ve added enough, I will check out how to display the different tags as a nice sorting system for the different kinds of photo’s.

Both of my WordPress sites link to one another, so people are always able to switch between the two. If you’re into photography, I invite you to take a look. I hope to see some of you there!

Click here for my photo gallery


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