Surviving in Ark – A new beginning


Recently, I have decided to give Ark another try. So far, I’m very much enjoying myself.

ARK: Survival Evolved is a survival game in which you get dropped on an island with nothing but your underwear. This island is very pretty, but it is filled with dinosaurs. Some of these are quite friendly, while others would like nothing more than to eat you.

I’ve played this game before on a private server with my boyfriend and three of his friends. The two of us eventually claimed our own little (deserted) island and we build a big house with a greenhouse closeby. We also had two ships, two big birds to fly on and, ofcourse, I had filled the island with dodo’s, because they’re cute.

We eventually moved onto other games and the server got shut down. I had been thinking about Ark again, lately, and my boyfriend told me it has a single player. I never knew that! So I started up single player and hoped I wouldn’t get eaten.

I’ve been eaten twice, so far…


So this is how you start. Just look at that little slice of paradise! Sadly, character creation is very limited, so I do not have long hair. I also have crazy eyes. Well, I guess that fits a lady, right?


I started gathering some resources. You don’t start out with tools, so you have to just… like… hit the tree. With your fists.


Gathering some berries to keep myself fed!


Yay, I made myself some clothes and tools now! Time to get some stone.


Some spots on the island spawn chests. These chests will stay there for a limited amount of time. I spotted my very first chest, so I ran towards it!

Level 15 required… yuck!

Alright, no chest. But hey, it’s getting late. Let’s set up a campfire and try to stay warm throughout the night.


The next day, I gathered some more materials. Turns out, close to where the chest was (and where I camped for the night) is a beautiful place to settle down.

It was time to build myself a hut!


Isn’t it cosy? It’s so low, I almost hit my head on the ceiling, but hey, it keeps me warm at night!

Time for some more exploring.


Ark lets you tame your own dinosaurs. The herbivores can be tamed by feeding them berries (sometimes you have to knock them out, first). This little lady could be tamed by letting her steal berries from my pocket. She was my very first dino!

She eventually got eaten by another dino…


My place at sunset. Isn’t it pretty?

This is where I’ll leave you. Stay tuned for more adventure in Ark, where I will be upgrading my house and showing my other dinosaur!

This post was first published on my Steemit page.


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