Dungeons & Dragons Online – The story so far


Who’s heard of this game called Dungeons & Dragons? It’s the game they play in The Big Bang Theory, if that rings a bell. Did you know you can play it online as an MMO?

I have never played D&D in real life. Partially, because I did not have geeky friends (close by, anyway) and partially, because it feels unnatural to me. I have imagination, I just don’t feel comfortable talking about it out loud to other people. So basically, the game would just feel weird and uncomfortable to me.

This is a sad truth my boyfriend has to live with. He has played D&D in the past and he enjoyed it very much. So when he remembered there was a Dungeons & Dragons online (DDO) MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online), he was very happy. We could both enjoy D&D!

I haven’t played much, yet, so this is just a story so far.


Seeing as I am playing the free version, I am not able to pick any class I want. There are more than enough to pick from, even in the free version, though. I read through the class descriptions and checked out the difficulty advice. I then decided to throw that advice out of the window and went for a Wizard Necromancer (“Solo Ability: Experts Only”).

You see, I like spellcasters. I don’t like melee characters at all. Back when I played Guild Wars, I played a necromancer and she was awesome. She could solo many things (together with her trusted undead minions) and together with her three main heroes, she was nearly unstoppable. So when I saw Necromancer, I was already sold.


So things start off quite simple. You go through the basics of controls and through a quest in a small dungeon, you reach your first quest hub. This was also where I got to meet up with my boyfriend’s rogue. He knows the D&D world well and he assured me that he would be very useful in dungeons as a rogue. Great!


So we started doing some dungeons, he disarmed some traps, unlocked some doors (useful indeed) and slowly, we progressed through the quests. We got some quest rewards, which were very confusing to me. The stats on them did not make much sense at all. How the heck am I supposed to know what kind of spell power my character uses and will use in the future? There seem to be 20 different kinds!

Oh well, I asked my boyfriend to help me. He did not know much about spell power, because he had never been interested in it, but he helped me out with other stats. Great, I’ll just pick what seems to be an okay item… I guess.

Then we leveled up! I think the first one was fairly easy. The second time though, There were many stats and lists of spells and skills out of which I had to choose!

I can’t do this!

Again, I asked my boyfriend for help. He pointed out some useful skills and stats and let me pick the rest.


Did I mention there are also enhancement points? Well, these were pretty easy for me. I ignore everything, but the enhancements to my awesome skeleton knight. This guy has saved our butts many of times and he basically lets me be lazy and/or confused. He kills our enemies for us, sometimes before I even know they are there.

Okay, most times.

I can also summon a big doggy to help out my skeleton knight. They are quite the pair! And whenever a door gets too heavy for us to open? Mister Skelly is right there to help us open it.

Oh yes, so far, this game has been really confusing and frustrating at times (many times). I still don’t understand most of it and I also don’t like some of the controls. My boyfriend loves to see his D&D fantasies come to life, right before his eyes, though, so that gives me the motivation to continue learning.

I also just love my skeleton knight so much!

We will continue on our adventures for now, however, we have hit a small pay wall for some quests. I wonder if we are able to continue the game for free, even though it means skipping a few dungeons and quests. For now, this game is not worth my money just yet. If we seem to get stuck on this, I’d rather start playing WoW again, or give Guild Wars 2 another try (I might do that either way).

So that’s my DDO story so far. I’m also thinking of playing some Ark again. My boyfriend mentioned there’s a single player in there… interesting!

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