How (not) to get a Sky Golem


Today, I would like to talk about my experience of trying to get myself a Sky Golem mount. Let this be a cautionary tale to anyone looking to get this mount.

When I was gathering herbs in Legion, selling them for lots of gold, my friend told me I should get a Sky Golem. It would allow me to gather herbs without dismounting, making the process a whole lot faster. So off I went to panda land on my first quest: to gather enough ore and motes of harmony to make my mount!

I was a couple of days into my farming when I found out that the creation of Living steel (one of the requirements) was on a daily cooldown. No problem, the motes of harmony got me around a lot of this and other than that, I just logged onto my alchemist once a day to utilize the cooldown.

I made all the Living steel I needed, then gave ghost iron bars to my boyfriend to make the engineering thingies, happy that I was finally getting my Sky Golem. He started crafting one (of 30), then noticed it had a cooldown… of one day.

You’ve got to be kidding me!

This meant I still had 30 days to go, before I could get my precious new mount! I was so sad and also mad at myself and the game. How could I have missed this important fact?

Next I started googling, seeing if there was any other mount with this same benefit. It appeared that this was indeed the case. A Sky Golem with a different color. This was the reward of collecting many (and I do mean many) toys. You need 300 toys to get this bad boy.

I wasn’t even half way there.

Fueled with anger, I decided I would just get myself enough of these stupid toys to get the Sky Golem alternative. Off I went to panda land again, to camp spawn points and gather all the toys I could find. Days passed and my toybox kept growing. When the 30 days were over, I wasn’t even on 200 toys yet. My boyfriend crafted the last piece needed and then created the Sky Golem for me.

I now have my Sky Golem, but being a bit tired of Legion, I’m not actually using it to farm herbs. I found a more relaxing way to spend my time: farming toys, pets and mounts. It combines well with my new hobby: Steemit. I can just sit in one spot, waiting for a rare spawn, while browsing on the other screen.

If you’re looking to get a Sky Golem, don’t be like me. Be wary of all the daily crafting cooldowns. Also, find yourself a trustworthy engineer (or make one yourself), because the things you need will be soulbound once crafted, meaning this is the same engineer that has to create your mount in the end.

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