Figs with ham and goats cheese


Finally! I’ve been wanting to try this for a while now, but the store never had fresh figs. Untill now!

I’ve been thinking about appetizers lately. I want some in my repertoire. Just in case, you know, for fancy dinners or something. Now these, my friends, turned out pretty well! I’ve only had dryed figs before, but these did not disappoint. The taste is a lot more fresh than I had expected and it combined great with goat cheese.

– 4 Fresh figs
– 50g Goats cheese
– 4 Thin slices of ham

  1. Cut off the stem of the figs and wash them.
  2. Cut the figs in quarters, but don’t cut them all the way through, so the quarters are still connected at the bottom. Open them up a bit as shown on the picture.
  3. Crumple the slices of ham and put them in between the fig quarters.
  4. Break the goats cheese in small pieces and put them on top of the ham.
  5. Optionally top this off with some honey (I’ll try that next time!).



5 thoughts on “Figs with ham and goats cheese

  1. Fresh figs, huh? Sounds interesting, I’ll bring this up when my family talks about the christmas holiday dish planings. Might be an interessting change for the appetizer. And I am still waiting for a delicious meat based recipe, just letting you know ;D really interested in what you have in store for christmas 😀


    1. Oh no! Was my stew recipe not meaty enough? 😉
      Yeah, I wasn’t sure what to expect from the fresh figs either, but it turned out pretty good 😀
      Have to disappoint you though, christmas is filled with family dinners, so the most I’ll probably do is dessert or an appetizer 😉
      Does your family have regular holiday dishes for christmas?


  2. The stew was meaty, I have to admit that 😉 but when it comes to fantasizing about meat dishes I’ll usually think of sausages or ribs that are thrown on a grill or into a frying pan with a good portion of sauerkraut! 😀 Thankfully, we don’t have regular holiday dishes. There are some meals that are reappearing every few years, but we try to diversify every years dish or courses to be more precise. To do so, we have to sit down and talk about what we want to cook and that’s where I presented your figs. My sister wasn’t attired of your creation, but my mom will think about it (we had something with pears last year as an appetizer, but I cannot recall what it was exactly). How about yours?


    1. Aww to be honest, I don’t spend too much time on meat! I only cook for two and we don’t eat a lot of if, so it’s not my main concern. I also simply don’t have much experience in ‘mixing it up’ with meat 😉
      My family doesn’t have any standard dishes either really. Though we have this thing called ‘gourmetten’, which we do with family dinners (basically our version of fondue I guess.. and a nice wintery option instead of barbecue).. already did that a week ago though, so we need something different for christmas! Seeing as we’ll be with 11 people, it’ll probably be something simple 🙂 It’s up to the cook! Which is my mum in this case 🙂 I might look into making something tasty on the side..
      Interesting how you make a whole meal plan with the family! If you do decide to go with the figs, let me know if you liked it! 😀


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