Return to Karazhan


Blizzard released their Return to Karazhan dungeon. Nostalgia!

Like most other players, we started this adventure by getting ourselved attuned. Yuck, mandatory mythics! Luckily though, my boyfriend’s a tank, which makes it a lot easier to get into a group. Halls of Valor? Not a problem! But wait, this guy is asking us to do all of the attunement dungeons with him. ALL of them? How many are there?

So it turns out, after Halls of Valor, there’s three more mythics to complete. Violet Hold is all well and good, but Black Rook Hold? Doesn’t that one take forever? And don’t I always die there, with all of those boulders rolling down? And what about Vault of the Wardens? Oh how I hate that one. Me do the light? No thanks! I avoid it like the plague!

In the end, we did all of the mythics in one afternoon and all we had to do was switch a couple of healers in between dungeons. It was not as bad as I thought.

A couple of days later, some old guildies of mine wanted to try out this new Karazhan. Yay, we got ourselves a group of capable people with voice chat! Couldn’t hope for much more than that. That’s when I remembered, we didn’t quite finish the attunement yet. Khadgar had some other stuff he wanted us to do. So off we went to Karazhan. The closed doors that is.

Yet again, as with the very first Karazhan attunement, you have to run around the abandoned basements and kill stuff for a while. Luckily, our group was willing to wait for us and before we knew it, we found ourselves in the new and improved Karazhan. Wait, didn’t this used to be the back door? We conjured up some refreshments, my boyfriend tamed himself a ghost and off we went on our adventure!

First thing we did was the opera event. It felt so wrong, we entered from the opposite door! But okay, the story commenced, and it was the same old, familiar Romulo and Julianne introduction. Or so we thought. Turns out, the poor actors got sacked and were replaced by a band of ruffians and murlocs! Things started off pretty slow and manageble. Kill one side first, then kill the other. But no, they did not leave it there. Next we had to fight both sides together. Stuff happened. Lots of stuff. Too much stuff! The fight was pretty messy and in the end all that was left standing was one blood death knight. Thank god we didn’t have to do that again!

After the opera event, we visited backstage. We talked to the poor actors and talked the wolf into repeating his famous line ‘Run away little girl… run away!‘. We cleared some trash and headed towards our next destination: the Maiden of Virtue. Now during our attunement runs, this one guy kept telling us ‘Good luck getting past Maiden, you’re gonna need it‘, where I kept thinking to myself ‘Stop acting so interesting and elitist, I’m sure it’s not THAT hard…‘.

So we remembered some tactics from the old days. Vaguely. My explaining the tactics went something like this: ‘We need to spread I think. And at some point, we’ll have to hide behind the pillars‘. Yes, we would do fine… Let’s go! We did not do fine.

After we all died a horrible death, I figured it was time to check the dungeon journal. It appeared there were a few skills we did not remember from the old days. New tactics were discussed while we all ran back and off we went again… and yet again, we died a horrible death. It took a couple of more wipes, some tweaks to our tactics and some extra ice blocks, untill we finally took her down. There we go, the worst is over now!

Finally, we continued our journey and decided to pay Moroes a little visit. His place has some new visitors with fancy new items. Ghost busters with ghost traps! We used the ghost traps on the adds, nuked them down one by one and then killed Moroes in one go. Granted, I had to die a horrible death yet again, but prices must be paid for the road to glory!

Onwards we went to Attumen. It was here that we found out the worst was not yet behind us. Both Attumen and the Curator wiped us a couple of times, before we got the hang of it and managed to kill them. No worries, we had a nice group of people, so it was all fun and games. And oh boy, wasn’t the next part fun! We continued on after the Curator, only to find out, Karazhan’s library got turned upside down!

We continued on to the Shade of Medivh. We shouted ‘Don’t move during flamewreath!!‘ a couple of times (oh nostalgia), wiped a couple of times, but managed to kill him quickly enough. We then went onward towards the Mana devourer. Yet again, we died a horrible death a few times, which is where we called it. It was quite late and we wouldn’t finish it that night. We’ll probably go in again tonight to see if we can clear the last two encounters.

So far, it’s been an awesome return to Karazhan. It was a lot of fun, discovering new bosses and figuring out tactics again. I hadn’t done that since I quit after WotLK.  With some nostalgia and many new and fun things to explore, we got a great, new dungeon this patch!


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