Mini vacation


We had many plans, hardly did any of them, but who cares? It’s vacation!

Last week we had a break from work. A nice mini vacation. Our plan was to do some work on the house, but at the start of the vaction I had decided we could really use a true break from everything. So we went away for a couple of days. I wanted something easy and combinable with our already existing plans. We ended up in a Center parcs bungalow in Belgium.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Center parcs: The whole idea of these places is that you don’t have to leave them at all during your stay. There’s a nice center with places to eat, drink and play games. There’s a small grocery store and they have a swimming pool (which is mostly pretty awesome, both in looks and in entertainment value). The parcs I’ve seen so far have a lot of beautiful nature aswell. Many trees and lots of water. For me it’s the only place I have a chance to see actual squirrels!

I’ve always seen these parcs as an easy get-away. And I guess, due to this, it’s a nice place for young families to visit. Which brings me to the downside of Center parcs: Avoid the center if you’re there for peace and quiet. To be fair, it wasn’t bad all the time. Wednesday and thursday were alright. Sure, there were a few crying children during breakfast, but the swimming pool wasn’t that populated in the morning. We avoided the pool in the weekend. Boy were there a lot of people there! We figured we could do without that mess. I can’t complain too much though. My family took us there ever since we were very young aswell. Every year we go there and every year I get to hear about it being the place I managed to walk for the first time.


So we went on wednesday. We had the all you can eat breakfast thing every morning. I figured it’s what forces you to get up at a decent hour and gets you out of the bungalow. The first day, I think I overdid the whole ‘It’s vacation, I can eat whatever I want’-thing a little bit. Had pancakes and bacon for breakfast and I had ‘chocolate sensation’ for lunch. This is basically a big glass of hot chocolate with a couple of chocolate snacks. My digestive system did not appreciate this.

What followed the rest of that day was a stomach ache so bad, I couldn’t stand up straight and all I could do was lie in bed. The day after hurt a bit less and all we did was eat healthy and stay in the bungalow. Oh yes, I’ve learned my lesson. Don’t take a (crazy big) break from eating healthy!

Sadly, this meant no morning swim every day, no renting bikes to explore and take pictures and no bow shooting. All in all, we did have a good time though. There was peace and quiet in the bungalow, beautiful surroundings,  the patter of tiny feet on the roof and a delicous salad bar, which gave me some great ideas! Most of all, we got some much needed relaxation.

Sadly, a lot of this relaxation was lost during a messy home moving plan the next few days. My brother got a new house and he and his girlfriend had to move all of their stuff in and grab/switch furniture from many different places. But hey, that’s all over and it does mean there’s now less stuff to worry about. It cleared up some of our mess aswell!

Yes, many plans, many canceled plans and many unexpected plans. The vacation was good (and too short).


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