The woes and blessings of Legion


So World of Warcraft’s Legion is out. So much to do, so much to choose!

When the pre-expansion patch hit, I was pretty happy about the game play of my fire mage. Not much had changed and the damage she did was quite good. She basically rained down havoc and destruction.

I was less happy about the priest changes though. For one, just the day before the patch, I had set up my action bars and mods just right for discipline healing. Boy was that a waste of time! Disc got a complete overhaul. So much so, I think I’m going to go holy for healing in Legion. Who would have thought?

The second thing I was sad about were the shadow changes. What had they done to my poor priesty? We had had such a good run, the two of us. We braved the dangers of Naxxramas, walked the halls of Ulduar, rid the world of the Lich King and explored all the worlds of warcraft. All while being (relatively) safe, because besides nice survivability skills, she managed to pump out quite a lot of damage aswell! What a change the patch made. While gathering in my garrison garden, even holy spec managed to down the podlings faster than shadow could. Yes, this Void Eruption thingy seemed handy for boss fights, but how would I ever be able to do some proper damage while out in the real world? Where mobs would be near death, before I’d manage to get enough Insanity for this skill to even work. This skill which, when cast, eats up all Insanity you have, before leaving you weak and vulnerable again. I was not amused. So, even though I felt like I was betraying my dear Anteia, I decided to start Legion with my mage.

First off, you need to get your legendary weapon. You go through a few scenarios, visit some old places from your past (which is very nicely done, nostalgia!) and eventually end up with a nice weapon. This weapon will level with you throughout your many adventures on the Broken Isles. It’s a nice feature and I’m pretty happy with the artifact skill for my fire mage. You get to build up many Pyroblast procs, even when Fire Blast is on cooldown. The mage’s class hall is also quite pretty and I’m glad Blizzard re-used the missions feature in Legion. Yes, I’m pretty happy with my mage so far.

Today I decided it was time for Anteia to start her adventure aswell. Because she has served me so well in the past as a shadow priest, there was no other way to start. Crippled shadow spec it was! I struggled through the scenarios to get my weapon, opened up my class hall, then started the journey of questing out in the big, bad world. I picked Azsuna this time, because I noticed profession quests lead there. I figured I could combine!

After a couple of hours of questing, I have to admit, I might have been wrong. Void Eruption mainly just takes some getting used to. Once I got over this whole idea of saving it up for a big fight, and just started using it whenever it was ready, I found out I still do a good amount of damage. Timing is everything in this case! I tried a random dungeon and I’m pretty glad to say my level 100 priesty topped the damage meters, even with a 110 priesty there.

Yes, I think Anteia and me will manage to work things out and will be able to do great things in Legion! She might not hit 110 before my mage does, but she’ll be a close second and might once again take her rightful place as my favorite character!

(By the way, kudos to Blizzard for a great launch without bugs, crashes and lag!)


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