Minty chocolate fudge cake


I’m sorry to have to do this to your waistline. I know it’s wrong, but this is so good!

Sometimes I go to one of the cheaper grocery shops in town. The regular shops have some products I don’t really want to do without, but it really pays off to visit the cheaper ones at times. Besides, this one has very tasty potatoes with bacon pieces, which I always make sure to take with me.

Anyway, I went there this week and filled my cart with all sort of things, including salmon and lettuce for a nice lunch. Then I headed for the check-out. I’m sure you know there’s usually some tasty stuff lying at the register while you wait in line. This time there were these boxes of fake oreos. Yes, I bought a box.

So back home, I figured these cookies would make a nice pie crust. With my new foodprocessor, this would be a piece of cake! The only question now was ofcourse, what the heck should be on top of this pie crust? So I started looking. Cheesecake maybe? I had some pumpkin pie recipes I still wanted to try, but it’s not really the right season for that yet. Eventually I found this (dutch) recipe I had once bookmarked. Chocolate fudge cake? Yes please!

So I had decided what cake I was going to make. But lately, I have also been wondering what to do with all of my mint. A girl can only drink so much mint tea! I wanted to dry some to save for later, but I need some smaller jars first. I’d also decided I was going to try to make my own mint extract (because ordering it is crazy expensive and shops around here don’t sell it), but apparently I need vodka for that, which I don’t have yet.

You see, I want this extract to bake with. Figuring most chocolate recipes will definitely be good with a minty taste aswell. For now though, I have no mint extract, but I really wanted to try a minty version of this pie. So instead, I just cut up some mint leaves. The result was quite good! I definitely want to try this again once I have the extract, but the leaves work just fine as an alternative.

Ofcourse, if you don’t like mint and just want a tasty (and oh so unhealthy) chocolate cake, just leave out the mint. Now then, time for the recipe!

– 200g Oreos
– 70g and 30g Coconut oil
– 200g Dark chocolate
– 1 Can condensed milk
– 2-3 Tbsp cocao powder
– Optional: Handful of mint leaves (or some mint extract)

16 or 18 cm springform pan
1. Put the oreos into the foodprocessor and mix untill there’s only crumbs left (or wrap them up in a dish towel and hammer away with a rolling pin).
2. Melt the 70g coconut oil and add to the crumbs. Mix well.
3. Add the crumbs to the springform pan, press down with a spoon and put the pan into the refrigerator.
4. Optional: Chop up the mint leaves untill they’re very small.
5. Have the cocao powder ready to use. Melt the 30g coconut oil in a saucepan. Add the chocolate (cut up into smaller parts) and condensed milk and stir on low fire, untill it is completely melted. Optionally, this is when you want to add the mint leaves or extract.
5. Turn off the fire and add the cocao powder. Stir untill well mixed.
6. Take the springform out of the fridge and pour the chocolate mix on top of it. Use a spoon to smoothen the surface.
7. Let the pie cool off in the fridge for 2-3 hours.
8. Optional: Sprinkle some cocao powder onto the pie for a nice look.

It’s a very thick consistency, so you can go for small slices and still get your fill.

Enjoy and please, if you decide to make this, tell me what you think!


6 thoughts on “Minty chocolate fudge cake

    1. It’s really delicious! You can also use the mint for tea, which is what we do aswell. Just mix in some honey!
      I also want to try and make mint extract with whatever we have left and dry some leaves to save for winter!


      1. Wow– you really know how to use that mint! Mostly I just pick a couple sprigs to garnish a dish for dinner. We did go to Morocco once, and had steam glasses of mint tea, stuffed with mint. I should try it here! Happy weekend ahead… xo


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