Aches of the throat

I’m having a bit of a flu/cold situation going on right now. My throat is currently not agreeing with me. At all.

It could be worse, luckily I’m not feeling too sick. I’m very tired, there’s a bit of a hot/cold thing happening, but mostly my throat hurts loads. Swallowing and yawning is quite painful.

So I just wanted to share what I’m doing to get rid of the nasty throat ache asap. I’d be happy to hear your tips for me.

I’m a horrible sleeper. Sure, when I’m not feeling well, I need rest, but my body does not seem to agree. As long as it’s light outside, I can’t really fall asleep. This means I get bored, lying in bed or on the couch, feeling sorry for myself. So while it’s easy to keep warm when lying in bed, if you want to wander around the house a bit, it’s also important to keep warm. I always use a scarf to keep my throat nice and warm.

Such a surprise to find this one here, right? Anyway, I’m making sure I have enough vitamins. Veggies and fruit people!

Oh god, honey’s a blessing when you have a soar throat. I started the day in bed with a nice, warm cup of mint tea with honey, thanks to my sweet boyfriend. This is a great way to sooth the pain and I advise lots of tea with honey on days like this.

So there’s loads of health benefits of ginger according to, well, basically everyone. I always like ginger tea with honey, but right now I like the idea of the extra benefits. It helps keeping the bacteria at bay (I’m brusing my teeth extra aswell though!) and it has anti-inflammatory properties. As an added bonus, ginger helps alleviate stomach discomfort and nausea, which also happens a lot during the flu.

I just finished my second cup of tea with honey. This time it was fresh ginger (cut into small pieces), two pieces of clove and a bit of cinnamon and cardamom.

So what’s your go-to recipe when your throat hurts?



2 thoughts on “Aches of the throat

  1. Hee, dat is toevallig! Heb net een aantal dagen met keelpijn achter de rug. Hebben we elkaar aangestoken?
    Ik heb veel kopjes gemberthee gedronken met daarin kruidnagel, kaneel en wat citroensap en extra veel honing. Het hielp echt om dat nare gevoel in de keel kwijt te raken. Ben er nu weer van af gelukkig. Beterschap!


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