Brie walnut sandwich


The first time I ate this was during some kind of work meeting. Oh god that tasted good. I couldn’t believe I’d never had this before. It’s so simple to make!

Later on I forgot about it, untill I was thinking about what to make my boyfriend and me for lunch. I suggested this brie and walnut sandwich and it turns out, he actually makes this at work from time to time!

Ever since, I’ve been buying brie regularly. I always try to keep walnuts in stock and we always have honey. I switched to whole grain bread, as it’s a bit healthier. We’ve also tried a couple of different honey kinds. We use acacia honey for a lot of things, but it’s no good for this. Not enough honey-ish taste, and you want that now!

– Brie
– Walnuts
– Petit pains
– Honey

  1. If your petit pains need to go into the oven, bake them first.
  2. Cut the petit pains open and add two slices of brie.
  3. PlaceĀ a couple of walnuts onto the brie and drizzle honey on top of it.



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