For the love of mint


Don’t you just love mint? I love mint. Holland doesn’t love mint. It’s sad. Though we seem to be learning. And at least there’s tea!

I’ve always been a big fan of minty chocolates. After eight? Yes please! Before eight aswell, right? Some of these minty chocolates use darker chocolate, which is even better in my opinion. Have you tried the Lidl ones?

Holland has minty chocolates. We also have many minty teas, which is great! But when I was on vacation in Scotland, I found out that’s where heaven is. Oh yes, besides the amazing nature, which I fell in love with, they had minty icecream! Did you know there were minty varieties of cornetto and magnum? I didn’t!

Sometimes, if you’re very lucky, there’s the after eight flavour at the italian icecream stand in Holland. Turns out, that’s not so rare at all in Portugal. So you see, that’s why all I can do is conclude that Holland hates mint.

There seems to be a slow acceptance coming though. I’m seeing more kinds of minty chocolates lately and the italian icecream place in the city even has minty flavour (though to be fair, they have so many flavours, I didn’t even know these many exisited).
There are also a lot of minty tea flavours out there and many places serve tea from fresh mint leaves.

Lately, some grocery stores sell fresh herbal plants, so I bought a mint plant. This one mint plant holds enough for two to three cups of mint tea, after which it has to take a couple of weeks to regrow. This basically means we have minty tea during one breakfast every couple of weeks. I didn’t think that was enough.
Next, I tried to plant some mint seeds in a small pot inside. Nothing grew.

Now I remember as a young girl, my mum allowed me to decide what to grow in a small piece of our backyard. We went to choose something and I definitely wanted this plant that had such nice-smelling leaves. My poor mum had to deal with mint all over the backyard after that. It grew like weed! So I decided I did not want that to happen to my own backyard.

I picked up four mint plants from the store and planted them in a large pot which I now keep outside. They get quite a lot of sun and also quite a lot of rain (yay for Dutch summer) and they grow so fast! We’ve got more than enough mint now for the occasional breakfast tea. The plants grow much better outside aswell, many more and bigger leaves. I´m even thinking of making my own mint extract at some point. It´s so hard to come by.

So I always use acacia honey in my mint tea, because it doesn’t have such a strong, honey-ish flavour. Don’t get me wrong, I love honey and there’s definitely times I want that honey-ish flavour. In my mint tea though, I want the minty taste to dominate.

Anyway, this long rant about mint is basically because I wanted to share my top 3 minty teas with you. I’m not sure if and where these are available, besides in the Netherlands.

3. Mama Nature herbal tea, mint flavour.
These get sold at the Aldi supermarket. I make sure to always have this at work and it’s the first tea I drink when I arrive. It doesn’t need any sweetening, so I can drink this all day.

2. Lipton Green Tea Intense Mint.
I think my mum once bought this one. We tried it with acacia honey and it tasted so good! I’ve told many people to try this and they all love it. It’s sold by most supermarkets.

1. Tea from fresh mint leaves.
They serve this in many restaurants and coffee/tea places, together with honey. Grocery stores sometimes sell a bunch of mint branches, so you can make a couple of cups of tea at home. Get your own plants to enjoy this tea even more! Definitely my number one minty tea, especially with acacia honey.


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