Strawberry oats yogurt


So I think I told you before, I’m not the biggest bread enthousiast. Don’t get me wrong, I like the occasional croissant and bread largely depends on what you put on it. It’s just that, here in Dutchy land, people eat bread all the time! Well not during dinner mostly, but breakfast ánd lunch? Too much. It’s why I take wraps with me to work.

It’s especially bad in the morning when I have to get up early and get to work. There’s no way I can actually swallow bread at that time. This is why, for quite a while, all I had before getting on my bike, was a glass of fruit juice. I switched to water with added lemon juice for a while aswell, but those weren’t the best solutions.

I wanted to start with a more nutritious breakfast. One that would give my body some energy to properly wake up (I don’t do coffee, yuck). So I started with some overnight oats recipes. This was a great start of the day and I will some day share my favorite one here. I got tired of prepping though and lately I get up early enough to make my breakfast in the morning.

This switch to yet another different breakfast wasn’t a big one. There was still yogurt, fruit and oats. I just mix it up a bit more. Right now, there’s a lot of stawberries for sale (yum!), so a lot of the time, this is my breakfast now.

Very easy to make, obviously, but I’ll write it down. Use as much as you like of any of the ingredients.

– Greek yogurt
– Strawberries
– Oats (rolled or instant)

  1. Scoop the desired amount of greek yogurt into a dessert dish.
  2. Wash the strawberries and cut them into small pieces. Add them to the yogurt.
  3. Add the desired amount of oats to the yogurt and mix it all together.



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