A quick hello

Hi there! I’m Marian and I’m here to write a blog. I will share some tasty recipes and I will also share my adventures in games. I might even throw some real life adventures in here once in a while, if I happen to experience any.

So what can you expect food-wise?
I should first make this very clear: I’m no food expert. I read up on food and recipes on the big bad world of the internet, but forget a lot too. For the most part I just find tasty recipes and then adjust them to include healthier ingredients or to whatever’s left in my house. On lazy days I adjust them to as little work as possible and ofcourse, living in Holland, there’s always the ingredients that are not easily obtainable in the supermarket. I switch those out aswell. I also like to experiment and make things from scratch or add to the recipes I find.
What I will post will be very random. There’ll be breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes, but also drinks, sweets and pastries.

And what can you expect game-wise?
There have been many games in the past. Many fun hours playing on my brother’s Nintendo 64, playing Heroes of Might and Magic with him and my cousins. I love going back to those games once in a while. Later on I started playing MMO’s and that’s what I spend the majority of my time on now. At this particular moment, I play World of Warcraft (after being clean for years!), but it’s starting to become less interesting. I might go back to Guild Wars 2 for a while, or ride it out untill Legion hits. And I really have to get my 3DS fixed, because I got some new games for that.

Well, enough for this short introduction. I’ll soon be posting a recipe or two. Thanks for visiting and reading! Stick around for more to come and share your thoughts!


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